This guide will demystify equipment leasing, explaining why it’s an attractive option for your business and providing insights to navigate the process effectively. Running a small business often requires making savvy decisions about acquiring necessary equipment without overspending. One popular strategy among small business owners is equipment leasing, which allows you to use high-quality […]

For example, the book values of assets and revenues are intentionally understated when reporting, while losses and liabilities are overstated. Accountants are required to record and expand the potential impact of uncertainty about incurring losses. In the same vein, accountants are advised to ignore any possibility of market reward until it occurs. Accounting conservatism […]

Changes in cash from financing are cash-in when capital is raised and cash-out when dividends are paid. Thus, if a company issues a bond to the public, the company receives cash financing. However, when interest is paid to bondholders, the company is reducing its cash. A company with strong sales and revenue could nonetheless […]


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